Go Growth

A man can be who he’s meant to be only after he realizes who he truly is

We’re here to push you to reach higher and go farther; as far as your imagination can travel. We know there’s no limit to God’s ability to carry us. Why then would we allow a limit on our ability to believe and conceive of the opportunities faith makes available?
A part of what we’re developing and what we‘re seeding, in the hopes you share the fruit of, is the breath and breadth of the life that’s been given to man (us).

Go growth is a simple means, a three step action plan to transform the strength you have into the purpose he ordained. You hope you can do it. We know you could do it because he said you can. He says it, in fact, you Will do it. May these encouraging words be the exact booster you need to feel free to share and partake of the power and authority in life’s light.

Three Steps to Make it Active:

  •  Learn the Word.

Education is important. In actuality, there’s no great mystery or simple platitude you need that’s more truthful. Every day and every moment is an important opportunity to learn. The question that’s present is, where’s your focus? Where is your time and devotion; where will, are your thoughts projecting you?
Many have heard faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Practically speaking though it’s not just who or what you’re listening to. It’s what you choose to hear, study, absorb and direct your faith towards. Honestly, if you can quote your favorite song and get a greater emotional response than a favorite childhood verse from God’s word; it’s a possibility things are imbalanced and in fact need some rearrangement in life. That’s what makes it so important to learn the word.
To learn the word is to know the word. To know the word is to grow, develop an attachment to, the greatest source of wealth in life – His (God’s) pnuema

  • Meditate on These (Good) Things.

The good, lovely, pure, wholesome, lifegiving… what begins with your change in focus is actually the key to unveiling the power of faith active in you.
As a consequence of study and preparation, what begin as an exercise – for most, will become a commitment to growing and developing the seed necessary to take you higher than you’ve been and further than you knew you could go. All it takes is thought.
More specifically, focus of thought is the next step. I’m reminded of passages. Take no thought… fret not… worry not… consider this… your decision to take the first step and the next step begins with growing and developing your best step. Learn the word and then meditate on these things. Think about what you read or are reading. Many think of meditation in terms of time spent considering a subject and it may seem difficult to fit in any one lifestyle. Meditation however can be/ is as simple as allowing experience to show you the word instead of the world.
As I said, I think it’s easy to remember a catchy song or witty saying from a friend. But learning and ultimately pushing toward growth can be just as rewarding and it’s certainly simpler. All that’s required is to simply stop and think about things.

  • Put It to Work.

Go forward, it could be said. Perhaps simply, Go! The part of faith many stumble in achieving and moving past is as simple as the phrase, “go for what you know“. Go in the knowledge of him. Go in your maximum or minimal effort. Just, Go!!
The simplest plan of action there could be is put your faith in him (learn of Him) and take the next step (trust Him) consider God’s reliability. Then, move! Put action with and in certain cases put action toward going ahead. Go for what you know. It may be troubling and fear is not totally irrational. Still though, be encouraged. The word you learned and the thoughts you dwell on reinforce – this is the right step. GO!
Put your education and transformed thoughts to good use, seeding and watering the truth He shares.
You are His image created to be good and know good; experience the good all your time here – from the foundation of the world.