Energy of Persuasion

There is in humans a Spirit, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding.
Job 32:8 GOD’S WORD® Translation

This journey brings with it a thorough information of me, I too believe in God. Selah

These expressions, while insignificant  thoughts at times, are breaths inspired by His being and the allowance of me to be – to grow into the individual I am amidst the garden he created and designed for me to live. He Gave it and as a result I have and offer to you. A word of faith, a moment of knowledge, an instance of a vision of the world I believe.

He created and  He furnished an image of himself to maintain, to display this most stunning picture,  achievement as it were . See man, respite in his glory reflecting the Glory, the imagination, the power and majesty of The Almighty God

We are here, I confess and believe, to magnify (openly reflect) His purpose – prominently displaying  the beauty of God. More expressly as one looks into a mirror and sees himself, we are a representation of Him to the seeking, the disconnected, the hurting and hardened… We are the image ( a reflection) of his power, majesty, wisdom – His glory – a giving lovingkindness offered without price or prejudice. Even in our most lingering vanity… We are His body Ephesians 1:22,23 – on and in this earth. May we with one voice celebrate His coming, His presence , His soon due return.

Enjoy, with me, this breath this growing seed of transformation. enjoy this moment to reconfirm faith.